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Below are my standard rates for packages for coaching of the most common types of SNGs. See below for information about different structures. If you don’t want to do hand history review but would only like to do live (in person or with screen sharing & skype) coaching, perhaps sweating or reviewing a bunch of games in SNGWiz, it’s usually around $75/hr.

I won the FTP SNG high stakes leaderboard before and have some pretty decent turbo/super-turbo MTT results as well.

For $250, over a one week period:

I will review and annotate 7 hand histories. Your pick, longer is better, and it’s best to space them out one a day for best results, though you can send them in bunches or all at once if you like.
We will discuss any questions you have about my comments on your play.
I will give an overall assessment of your game including identifying regular mistakes you’re making and areas for improvement.
We will go over your poker background & history and discuss concerns you have about your play.
We will discuss your observational habits, how to get better reads, and adjust & readjust to opponents.
We will discuss issues related to bankroll, site, ROI, buyin, and long term plans.
We will discuss software that you’re using and what you can be using to improve, such as getting the most out of using your HUD, using ICM calculators properly, and tools for making multitabling easier and faster for your particular setup.
You can ask me questions about individual problem hands via email.

For $450, over a two week period:

Same as above, except 15 hand histories.

For $800, over a one month period:

Same as above, except 30 hand histories.

For $900, over a one month period:

Same as above, plus I will sweat you two times for 45 minutes (roughly one session) via TeamViewer or you can send me two 45 minute video for analysis, multiple tables and using a mic are encouraged.

Additional coaching after the first time will be $200, $375, $675 or $750 respectively. These rates are subject to change.

I’ve done several types of coaching, although in my experience the most beneficial is detailed hand history analysis and observing & reviewing real time play. Long term coaching is infinitely more beneficial than a one-off session. I’m most concerned with steady and regular growth.

My coaching and the above prices are meant for standard and turbo 6, 9, and 10 man no limit hold ‘em SNGs. For DONs, Fifty50s, super turbos, super turbo MTTs, or MTT SNGs, the prices will vary and if you’re interested in these of games or something else with an odd structure, send me a PM and we can talk. Payment can be done in person, via Western Union, or via mailed money order or cash. Also if you live in the Las Vegas area or are visiting and want some live coaching, send a PM or email.

My email address is derk@badbeatscrew.com if you’re interested or have questions.