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Looks like things have changed…

April 19, 2011 | 7:45 am | Derk

With the closure of the two largest sites in the US I’ve taken to playing a lot more live as I live in Las Vegas. I’m still feeling things out and running around to various poker rooms to see what’s going on at each one. Here’s a picture of Binion’s from earlier tonight:


I went in and tried to play a scheduled MTT they had, but it only got 3 entrants so we all just left. I honestly got goosebumps going into the place, though. Ended up going across the street to the Golden Nugget and won a MTT there though! Maybe I’ll throw some info up here about all of that, but in the meantime I wanted to get some news out.

Poker VT has a good 10 or so videos from me. Some review of my own play, some live play at micro, low, and midstakes SNGs, a few purely theory videos, and hand history reviews for the winners of the SNG contest. These should be coming out over the coming weeks and months. The SNG contest is no longer active.

My coaching rates have dropped and I’m being a bit more public about it. In the past I always tried to keep a very small number of students (usually 2 at most) though now that I have to schedule around what games are available and running live I’m willing to take on more students and at a cheaper rate. If you don’t know, I won the FTP SNG high stakes leaderboard before and lately have some pretty decent turbo/super-turbo MTT results as well. For coaching info check this page.

I still intend on continuing with the strategy blog, so check back for that stuff

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