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Wow shut up please JCarver

December 29, 2010 | 7:52 am | Derk

Help JCarver is writing all these posts and taking over the website!!!

No really they’re worth reading, so be sure to go check them out.

I’ve got some interesting stuff in the pipeline, one is a review of probably the first poker book I’ve read in almost 2 years, and it’s not me making fun of T. J. Cloutier. The other thing is I’m working on an interesting theoretical study related to some MTT data analysis. If you have a lot of MTT hand histories I’d like to hear from you so I can use them in my study. All results will be anonymous, although if you participate I’ll tell you who you are. If you have 500 or more MTT hand histories let me know.  The only poker games I can use in my study are NLHE  MTTs, and so that means no SNGs, MTSNGs or cash games.

Also the first SNG contest in months over at PokerVT has wrapped up.  For better or worse there were 27 participants, and it paid out $400 to 6 people, with $145 to the top prize winner, MxKlptz.  To compete all you need to do is play in 8 $3.40 SNGs with me over a month’s time on PokerStars at 5 PM Eastern on any Sunday.  Considering that only people who have played 8 games have won prizes and that 15 of the 27 people in December played 8 games, that’s almost 100% ROI in EV on top of whatever you make while playing the games!  For more info about the contest check here.  And if you’re signing up to PokerVT don’t forget to use discount code NotAProblem to get a better-than-usual discount.

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